Board Policy Documents


1101 General Policy Statement

1201 Mission Statement

1301 Creation Amendment and Posting of Policies

1401 Definitions-SD



2101 Roles of the Board and Board Members

2102 School District Legal Name and Status SD

2103 School District Boundaries SD

2104 Student Representative on the Board

2201 Board Powers-General Powers SD

2202 Authority To Enter Into Contracts SD

2203 Authority To Establish Curriculum SD

2301 Conflict Of Interest SD

2302 Board Code Of Ethics

2303 Violation Of Board Code Of Ethics

2304 Gifting

2305 Board Member Reimbursement and Travel Expenses SD

2306 Board Member Compensation SD

2401 Board Member Elections SD

2402 Acceptance of Office and Oath of Office

2403 Board Member Terms of Office SD

2404 Board Member Vacancies and Appointments SD

2405 Board Officers SD

2406 Board Officers Duties SD

2501 Meetings SD

2501a Electronic Board of Education Meetings

2501a-f-1 Electronic Board of Education Meeting Checklist

2501a-f-2 Advance Notice of Remote Participation and Remote Attendance for Individual Board Members

2501a-f-3 Electronic Board Meeting Notice

2501a-f-4 Affidavit of Website Posting of Public Notice of Electronic Meeting

2502 Board Meeting Agenda

2503 Voting Requirements SD

2504 Public Participation at Board Meetings

2505 Board Committees

2506 Organizational Meetings SD



3101 Insurance

3102 Smoking Tobacco Products, Drugs and Alcohol

3103 Copyright Compliance

3104 School Cameras and Monitoring

3105 Visitors and Volunteers

3106 Booster Clubs, PTO's, and Other Support Groups

3107 Use of Detection Dogs

3108 Service Animals

3109 Non-Service Animals

3110 Data Breach Response

3111 Drones

3112 Hours and Days of School Operations SD

3113 Social Security Numbers

3114 Litigation

3115 Nondiscrimination and Retaliation

3116 District Technology and Acceptable Use

3117 Intellectual Property

3118 Title IX Sexual Harassment

3118-f-1 Title IX Sexual Harassment Formal Complaint Form

3119 Experimental or Pilot program

3201 Accounting

3202 Budgets and Truth in the Budgeting -Taxation Hearings SD

3203 Deposits SD

3204 Investment of Funds SD

3205 Disbursements SD

3206 Property Tax Levies

3207 School Activities Fund

3208 Surety Bonds of District Officials SD

3209 Debit Credit Cards

3210 Borrowing

3211 Post Issuance Tax Compliance

3212 Post Issuance Disclosure Compliance

3213 Electronic Transactions of Funds and Automated Clearing House Arrangements

3301 Purchasing and Procurement SD

3301A Purchasing and Procurement with Federal Funds

3302 Acquisition of Real Property

3303 Gifts and Donations

3303-f Gifts and Donations Form

3304 Use of District Property

3305 Sale or Lease of District Property

3306 Construction Bidding

3307 Construction Administration

3308 Distribution of Printed Material and Advertising in School

3309 Bus Inspections

3401 School Cancellation Delay and Early Dismissal

3402 Drills Plans and Reports

3403 Reporting Accidents

3404 Communicable Diseases

3405 Bloodborne Pathogens

3406 Integrated Pest Management

3407 Asbestos Management

3408 Firearms and Weapons

3501 Freedom of Information Act

3502 Record Retention



4101 Non-Discrimination

4102 Anti-Harassment including Sexual Harassment

4103 Whistleblowers Protection

4104 Employment Complaint Procedure

4104-f-1 Discrimination Retaliation Complaint Form

4105 Workplace Accommodations for Employees and Applicants with Disabilities

4106 Family and Medical Leave Act

4107 Military Leave

4108 Union Activity and Representation

4109 Break Time for Nursing Mothers

4110 Reimbursement

4111 Professional Development

4112 Extracurricular Employees or Volunteers

4201 Employee Ethics and Standards SD

4201-AG Employee Ethics and Standards- Time and Effort Reporting

4202 Children's Protective Services, Reporting, Student Safety and Welfare

4203 Corporal Punishment and Limited Use of Reasonable Force

4203-ag Corporal Punishment and Limited Use of Reasonable Force

4204 Confidentiality of Student Information

4205 Hiring and Background Check

4205-F Authorization for Release of Information and Employee History Check

4206 Employment Contracts SD

4207 Third Party Contracting of non-Instructional Support Services

4208 Applicant and Employee criminal arrest charges Conviction

4209 Prohibition Against Abortion Referrals and Assistance

4210 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

4211 Alcohol and Controlled Substances for Transportation Employee Testing

4212 Employee Assistance Program

4213 Anti-Nepotism

4214 Outside Activities and Employment

4215 District Technology and Acceptable Use policy

4216 Personal Communication Devices

4217 Social media

4218 Employee Dress and Appearance

4219 Attendance

4220 Use or Disposal of District Property

4221 Employee Speech

4222 Unauthorized Work Stoppage and Strikes

4223 Resignation

4224 Personnel Files and Payroll Information

4225 Temporary Remote Work Policy for Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Admin Miosha Compliance

4301 Definition

4302 Minimum Wage and Overtime

4303 Compensatory Time

4304 Timekeeping and Payroll Information

4305 Michigan Paid Leave Act

4306 Assignment and Transfer

4307 Performance Evaluation

4308 Reduction and Recall of Non-Exempt Staff

4309 Discipline and Termination

4401 Definition

4402 Assignment and Transfer

4403 Performance Evaluation

4404 Performance-Based Compensation for Teachers

4405 Reduction in Force and Recall

4406 Professional Improvement Sabbaticals SD

4407 Discipline

4408 Termination

4409 Non-Renewal

4501 Definition

4502 Assignment and Transfer

4503 Performance Evaluation

4504 Performance Based Compensation

4505 Reduction and Recall

4506 Discipline

4507 Termination

4508 Administrator Non-Renewal

4601 General

4602 Hiring

4603 Performance Evaluation

4604 Absence-Incapacity

4605 Gifts and Donations

4606 Discipline and Termination

4607 Non-Renewal



5101 Student Expression

5102 Lockers

5103 Search and Seizures

5104 Age of Majority

5105 Collaboration with Outside Entities

5106 Transgender Students

5201 Investigations, Arrests, and Other Law Enforcement Contact SD

5202 Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Against Students

5203 Hazing

5204 Student Appearance and Dress Code

5205 Student Handbooks

5206 Student Discipline

5206a Student Discipline - Due Process

5206b Student Discipline - Students with Disabilities

5206c Student Discipline - Reinstatement Following Expulsion

5206d Student Discipline - Enrollment Following Misconduct at Another Public or Nonpublic School

5206e Student Discipline - Suspension from Class, Subject or Activity by Teacher

5207 Anti-Bullying policy

5208 Student Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy

5209 Student Use of Cell Phone and Electronic Communication Devices

5211 Emergency Use of Seclusion and Restraint

5212 Registered Sex Offenders

5213 Personal Protection Orders Against Students

5301 Compulsory Attendance Absenteeism and Truancy

5302 Enrollment in Kindergarten

5303 Student Enrollment and Withdrawal SD

5304 Non-Public School Students Part-Time Attendance

5305 Schools of Choice SD

5306 Foreign Students

5307 Homeless Students

5308 Protection of Pupil Rights

5309 Student Records and Directory Information

5401 Parent Involvement in Education

5402 Communication With Parents

5403 Rights of non Custodial Parents

5404 Free Textbooks Materials and Charging of Fees and Fines

5405 Title, Parent and Family Engagement Policy SD

5406 Title, Funds

5407 Instructional Program and Curriculum Development SD

5409 Academic Credits and Graduation SD

5410 Commencement

5411 Student Promotion Retention and Placement SD

5412 Class Rank

5413 Senior Recognition SD

5415 Summer School

5416 Homebound and Hospitalized Instruction

5417 Homework

5418 Grades

5419 Reading Instruction Intervention and Retention

5420 Sex Education

5421 Work Based Learning Experience

5501 Fundraising Activities

5502 Student Government

5503 Bulletin Boards and other Student Postings

5504 School-Sponsored Publications and Productions

5505 School Attendance on Days of Scheduled Activities

5506 Field Trips

5507 Extracurricular Activities

5508 Extracurricular and Athletic Trips

5509 Public Appearances of School Groups

5510 Student-Initiated Non-Curricular Clubs

5511 Secret Organizations

5601 Special Education

5602 Independent Educational Evaluations

5603 Section 504

5604 Student Assistance Process

5701 Child Abuse and Neglect

5702 Student Illness and Injury

5703 Medications

5704 Student Insurance

5705 Emergency Anaphylaxis

5707 School Wellness Policy

5708 Do Not Resuscitate Order

5708 Do Not Resuscitate Orders AG

5709 Lice Nits and Bed Bugs

5710 Student Suicide Prevention

5711 Toilet Training

5712 Concussion Awareness

5713 immunizations and Communicable Diseases

5714 Cannabidiol Use and Administration

5801 Closed Campus

5802 Student Transportation

5803 Student Driving and Parking

5804 Work Permits

5805 Student Audio and Video Recording

5806 Recording of District Meetings

5807 Flag Display and Pledge of Allegiance

5808 Family Night