Board of Education

Duties of the Board of Education

The Board of Education is an elected body that is responsible for creating, adopting, monitoring, evaluating, and revising policies that govern the school district and provide direction for the Superintendent. In addition to policy making, the Board of Education shall fulfill its role by:

  • Identifying shared values and creating a shared vision of the purpose of public education in the Britton Deerfield Schools
  • Empowering the Superintendent to develop and implement strategies to realize the shared vision.
  • Ensuring all school district policies, procedures, and programs are continually assessed against the shared vision.
  • Hiring the Superintendent.
  • Annually appraising the Superintendent's performance, utilizing the MASB Evaluation Tool.
  • Annually appraising the collective performance of the Board.
  • Committing to self-development regarding educational issues.

Board members have agreed to forgo pay for Board meetings they attend. However, Board members may be reimbursed for expenses incurred for approved Board related activities.

Let's Talk to the board

The Britton Deerfield School’s Board of Education welcomes you to attend its meetings. All meetings are open to the public so citizens may have the benefit of hearing Board deliberations. All formal action by the Board of Education takes place during public meetings. Executive (closed) sessions may be held to discuss personnel matters, the purchase or sale of property for competitive bidding, disputes involving court action or other attorney-client privilege information, negotiations with employees, and certain school matters that cannot be discussed without violation of an individual’s rights.

We encourage you to express your views on subjects related to our schools. Comments are welcome during the times designated on each regular Board agenda. A copy of the meeting agenda is available on an information counter near the entrance to the meeting room before the start of each meeting.  If you wish to address the Board of Education, a form is available to fill out requesting participation in up to 3 minutes of public comment.  This form should be completed and given to the Board Secretary or the Business Manager before the meeting is called to order.

Individuals addressing the Board shall abide by the rules of common courtesy. The meeting cannot be used to make personal attacks against a Board member or district employee.

The Britton Deerfield Board of Education meets on the third Monday of each month (except July) and all regular meeting dates are published on our website. Any changes or special meetings are also posted online and on our main entrance doors.  Confirmation of meeting dates and times are available in the business office, located at: 201 College Ave., Britton, MI, 49229, or by calling 517-451-4581.

We appreciate your interest in the Britton Deerfield Schools and hope you will plan to attend meetings of the Board of Education. We believe the participation of community members is essential to maintaining excellent educational programming, keeping open lines of communication, and providing transparency for the community.  Thank you for supporting our Patriot Nation!

If You Have Specific Concerns:

Often individual concerns can be handled if you begin at the source and follow proper chain of command before approaching members of the Board of Education. If your concern relates to procedures in the classroom, begin with the teacher.  Next, you should address the continued concern with the Principal. Problems related to other services, such as transportation and food services, can best be dealt with by department heads.

The Superintendent can provide additional help and operates under an “Open Door Policy.”

Finally, if these procedures do not resolve your concern or question, the Board of Education may be contacted. For additional information on this procedure, please contact the Superintendent's office at 517-451-4581, Ext. 101

Current Members


The Britton Deerfield Board of Education will meet the third Monday of each month at 7pm. Meetings will be held in the Media Center at the Britton Building or the Deerfield Building every other month.

Meeting Dates

February 20, 2023 (Deerfield)

  • Students of the Month
  • Valedictorian and Salutatorian/Top 10 Seniors Announced
  • Review/Establish District Goals
  • Begin Superintendent Evaluation Cycle
  • Announce Reading Month Plans
  • Announce Kindergarten Round-up Dates
  • Budget and Lunch Adjustments

March 20, 2023 (Britton)

  • Students of the Month
  • Winter Sports Recap
  • Spring Sports Needs
  • LISD Budget Introduced
  • Spring Count

April 17, 2023 (Deerfield)

  • Students of the Month
  • State Mandated Testing
  • Spring Sports Begin
  • LISD Budget Presented to LEAs

May 15, 2023 (Britton)

  • Students of the Month
  • End of the Year Events (Prom, Graduation, Awards, etc.)
  • LISD Budget Vote
  • Senior Recognition and Portfolios

June 19, 2023 (Deerfield)

  • Students of the Month
  • Senior Awards and Scholarships
  • Staff and Parent Surveys Released
  • Update on District Growth

June 26, 2023 (Britton)

  • Budget and Finance
  • Lunch Fund
  • Issuance of State Aid Notes
  • Tax Rates
  • Formal Check-In for Superintendent Evaluation

August 21, 2023 (Deerfield)

  • Fall Sports Begin
  • Back to School Information
  • Approve Lunch Prices
  • Results of Staff and Parent Surveys

September 18, 2023 (Britton)

  • Annual Audit
  • Approve Hires/Resignations
  • Fall Count Day

October 16, 2023 (Deerfield)

  • Students of the Month
  • Establish Superintendent Evaluation Dates

November 20, 2023 (Britton)

  • Students of the Month
  • LCASB Dinner
  • Winter Sports Begin
  • Annual Superintendent and District Growth
  • Board of Education Self-Evaluation Begins

December 18, 2023 (Deerfield)

  • Students of the Month
  • Superintendent Evaluation Results

January 15, 2024 (Britton)

  • Board Reconfiguration (Officers and Committees)
  • Designation of Bank Depositories
  • Permission to Post Special Meetings and Elections
  • Approval of Retainer Clients
  • Authorization to sign checks, contracts, agreements, and the like
  • Authorization for Electronic Transfers
  • Establish Board Meeting Dates
  • Establish Board Member Pay


Meeting Minutes




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