Personal Curriculum

The Michigan Legislature has provided an opportunity for students to slightly modify the State of Michigan graduation requirements. This modification is called a Personal Curriculum (PC).
A student and his/her parent or guardian may request a Personal Curriculum for one of four reasons:
1. Students who are interested in earning additional credits in math, science, English language arts, or foreign languages.
2. Students who demonstrate a need to reduce the Algebra II requirement in the Michigan Merit Curriculum.
3. Students transferring from out-of-state or non-public schools after completing two years of high school.
4. Students with an Individualized Educational Program (IEP).
While a PC can be requested at any time during a student’s high school experience, with the exception of social studies and math, it should be used in limited circumstances after students have had the opportunity to succeed in the Michigan Merit Curriculum.
If you are interested in looking further into the possibility of requesting a PC for your student, please contact the high school counselor, Daniela Bickel or the high school principal, John Eisley.