NCAA Eligibility

If you are interested in competing in sports in college, you must meet the NCAA eligibility standards by completing the graduation requirements at BDHS. Please make an appointment with your counselor to do some forward planning at the end of 9th grade or the beginning of 10th grade. With the counselor, you can complete a NCAA worksheet to ensure that you’ll meet the NCAA eligibility standards by the time you graduate.

If you plan on competing in collegiate athletics, you’ll need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. During your junior year, contact coaches of programs at specific colleges/universities that you’re interested in (see below). To present yourself in the best possible light, it would be wise to submit a highlight tape to them also. Your high school coaches will be able to provide advice in this area.

It is your responsibility to meet with your BDHS counselor to ensure that you’re on track to meet NCAA eligibility.
To have your BDHS transcript sent to NCAA or colleges, you’ll need to go to to make the request. (You’ll need your NCAA 10-digit ID number to have the transcript sent to them.)

To find your 10-digit NCAA ID number, login to the NCAA Eligibility Center (or create an account if you haven’t already). After you login, the “WELCOME” page will appear. Up in the top right corner, you will find your 10-digit ID number to submit to